On one hand, IceKredit aids clients in achieving customer acquisition through the Ping Tree system online. On the other hand, IceKredit helps clients with offline customer acquisition using the Direct Mail Model. Backed by our top data scientists, IceKredit helps lenders to establish the modern marketing architecture on three key pillars: Data, Model, and Analytics. Our marketing solution is straightforward and simple to implement. The lenders provide Name/DOB/Address and our market model will predict the odds ratio of successful sales.


Data: Powerful Insights

The data component is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. IceKredit has the access to more than thousands of millions of data sources, providing the largest base of public and proprietary information available on the market today. We collect data from all sources and in all formats, ensuring that the data for every customer is always most up-to-date. Empowered by machine-learning technology, IceKredit team can convert tons of customer data into powerful insights for our clients.

Model: Smarter Decisions

Driven by big data and machine-learning algorithms, our marketing model is able to increase both response and approval rates simultaneously for the lenders. With our two-dimension scores of Response and Approval, the lenders could directly enhance the conversion ratio from lead to a fund and make smarter decisions of prioritizing leads and acquiring customers.

Analytics: Better Results

Our analytic supports enable the lenders to identify, size and prioritize sales leads for optimized marketing performance and ROI. Our clients will be rewarded with better results as our analytics is set to transform the ability to plan and run marketing campaigns with solid foundation underpinned by advanced and sophisticated computing.