[Fintech Interview] Lingyun Gu from Icekredit: the reason why he chose to come back to China is breakfast?

 100Partner     2017-09-11

Valued at more than 2 billion,what kind of credit evaluation kingdom does Dr. Gu Lingyun want to creat?

 Wallstreetcn     2017-06-09

KPMG: Ranking of 50 Top Fintech Companies in China for 2017 Kicks Off

 Crowdfund Insider     2017-06-06

Lingyun Gu: Technology itself is not the wall, but the advance of technology in every small aspect is

 xiaofanzhuo     2017-05-24

The first Jiangsu Developing Conference was inaugurated, Lingyun Gu joined the greatest circle of friends in Jiangsu

 zaker     2017-05-20

Mr Gu Lingyun from Icekredit: I come from Nanjing, I stand up for Nanjing anywhere

 Nanjing Daily     2017-05-18

IceKredit Completes 110 Million RMB Series A Round Following Angel Round Investment from YUNQI Partners

 CISION PR Mewswire     2017-05-04

IceKredit: A credit assessment company based on high-tech

 weiyang     2017-04-25

IceKredit Raises US $16M in Series A Funding

 FINSMES     2017-04-24

Again receiving funding of 110 million RMB: IceKredit built 70 risk models with 400 million data helping hundreds of financial institutions

 pencilnews     2017-04-21