News from 36Kr: IceKredit received 110 million RMB as A Round from China Creation Ventures and LingFeng Capital

 36Kr     2017-04-21

Gu Lingyun from Icekredit: Big Data Credit Evaluation Knows Whether The Restaurant Changes Boss

 DT Finance     2017-04-07

China Creation Ventures Leads $16M Round In SME Credit Firm IceKredit

 China Money Network     2017-04-02

Big Data Credit Evaluation Sails: 50 organizations intended to invest IceKredit in B round

 sina     2017-03-04

The Rising Stars of China’s FinTech Industry

 China’s Hottest Round A to F FinTech Startups     2016-12-15

The glaring night at Wu Town, IceKredit has won the ‘2016 Annual China Startup Award’

 The Beijing News     2016-11-18

How does big data credit evaluation built a person’s data portrait?

 Leifeng     2016-11-11

The 9.25 most glamorous road show in Fintech history

 The Beijing News     2016-09-25

IceKredit was invited to the 2016 China Fintech Innovation Forum in Beijing

 Icekredit     2016-09-24

In 2016, KPMG released their first issue of “top 50 Chinese Fintech Companies”, IceKredit was placed high in the list.

 KPMG     2016-09-19