Gu Lingyun from IceKredit: credit evaluation of individuals and SMEs supported by big data

 sina     2016-07-28

In the 5th China Finance & Economics Summit held in Beijing, 2016, IceKredit was awarded “the Influential Brand in the industry” and “the Influential Figure in the Industry”.

 Icekredit     2016-07-25

Interview | IceKredit CEO Gu Lingyun: Finding inspirations for making good credit evaluation in Hou-Jing Riot of Liang Dynasty

 ifenxi     2016-07-25

Is this the prime time of Fintech? Cornerstones of success and failure for big data risk management companies

 sohu     2016-07-16

A guest of the China Financial Technology Conference, IceKredit talks about the breakthrough and the limitations of big data in fintech with the industry elites.

 Icekredit     2016-07-12

China Wants To Rate People’s Credit With Online Data, But Misuse By Companies Is Rampant

 forbes     2016-07-12

IceKredit Technology sees the future with you in TechCrunch.

 Icekredit     2016-06-29

Closed over 20 million RMB investment, he makes credit reports in a few minutes and helps 50 financial institutions identify risks (IceKredit models with KS value around 48)

 pencilnews     2016-06-02

Gu Lingyun was awarded “the 2016 Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Lujiazui District in Shanghai”.

 Icekredit     2016-05-26

The first domestic photovoltaic credit database was planned to set up.

 Icekredit     2016-05-13