Lujiazui Internet Financial Association was founded officially and Icekredit became the first batch of members

 Icekredit     2016-03-03

Will personal credit evaluation become the new Red Sea? Penetrating the market with SME credit evaluation, IceKredit obtained million-dollar Angel Round Financing.

 36Kr     2016-02-01

IceKredit helps Shenma Finance draw credit portraits for China’s 800 million peasants.

 NTES     2016-01-13

[Special Subject for Internet Finance] To Business Services: Lending Money to Friends and Family

 The Beijing News     2015-11-23

Gu Lingyun, the founder of IceKredit, was invited to attend the Annual Meeting of New York Finance Forum in 2015.

 Icekredit     2015-10-13

Gu Lingyun, the founder and CEO of IceKredit, was awarded the “The Top 50 People in the Chinese Credit Evaluation Market”.

 Icekredit     2015-09-28

The spotlight of the 2015 International Mobile Finance Summit: Is mobile Internet the chance for Chinese financial market to take the lead?

 01caijing     2015-07-10

Our district held the special conference on theory studies.

 Nanjing     2015-07-10

Credit evaluation companies need data cleaning abilities

 sina     2015-06-30