While the technology world is focused on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) phenomenon, IceKredit also offers customized SaaS solutions, mostly to small and medium-sized customers. As a new method of software delivery, SaaS allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. This way, companies don’t have to invest in extensive hardware to host the software, and clients can outsource most of the IT responsibilities normally required to troubleshoot and maintain the software. Providing clients with viable software options using a multi-tenanted architecture, IceKredit also ensures that improvements and bug fixes can be applied to all users at once.

Upon obtaining the lasted data from clients, IceKredit produces effective analytics to customize advanced models using big data technology and machine-learning algorithms. Once models are developed, IceKredit can then predict future performance results and design tailored solutions to fulfill various client needs, whether it’s leads management, risk control, collection optimization, or profit maximization. With a centralized decision-making process, IceKredit periodically revalidates its models and does exceptionally well at ensuring the delivery of consistent results if given the same model inputs.

In short, we provide our clients with assistance in the entire end-to-end loan operation process with 5 types of customized models and 3 kinds of professional analytics reports.