IceKredit is committed to serve clients who wish to achieve higher credit assessment accuracy, select better leads, reduce fraud risks, and enhance lending profits by creating advanced models, delivering premier analytical reports, and providing effective financial solutions. IceKredit believes in customized service for every client, as we understand that each specific need requires a unique approach.

We offer value-adding predictive analytics that include but are not limited to:


Customer Acquisition

With a dedicated team of top data scientists and modeling experts, IceKredit provides actionable marketing solutions driven by the latest big data technology to help our clients acquire new customers both online and offline.

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IceKredit provides default management solutions that accurately screen out low-quality applicants who are more likely to face a loan default while keeping high-quality applicants. By doing so, IceKredit helps clients effectively realize risk control and fraud prevention.

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Alternative Credit Score

IceKredit provides the underbanked population with a fair chance to acquire the financial resources they deserve. We believe in helping our clients to serve more consumers with more credit options.

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In addition to the above solutions, IceKredit also uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning methods to provide quantitative analytics on post-loan status, collection maximization, risk control, leads management, verification/authentication services, etc.