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Why Partner With IceKredit

500+ Financial Institutions

We service over 500 financial institutions in the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia

Credit Risk: 50%+

With our powerful AI technology, we help lenders reduce the first payment default by over 50%

ROI: 30%+

Boost your profitability with a 30%+ increase in Return on Investment

Cost Efficiency: 200%+

Fund 200% more with every dollar spent

Cost Saver: 60%+

Save over 60% on underwriting and lead acquisition costs

Full Service

Experience full-service lead quality management, underwriting rules optimization, machine learning model deployment and maintenance, and collection strategy improvements from your dedicated IceKredit team

How We Achieve These

AI Modeling

Predictive Data Analytics

AI Platform

Risk Mitigation Products

Dedicated Team

Security & Compliance

Dedicated Team

Top data scientists and analysts with extensive experience

AI Platform

  • Lending as a Service Platform
  • Data Visualization & Management

AI Modeling

With our powerful machine learning models, we provide you with our standard alternative credit scores that you can count on throughout the entire lending life-cycle, from lead acquisition to collection.

Standard Credit Score

Alternative credit scores automate your loan application screening process in real-time, generating the lead acquisition efficiency, payment default performance, and portfolio growth you never had.

Proprietary Predictive Models

Powerful, flexible, game-changing. Trained with a tremendous amount of data and developed by world-class data scientists, our machine learning models are the cornerstone of our success.

Online Model Lab (SaaS + PaaS)

Constantly learning and growing, we never stop pursuing better performances and services for our clients.

Predictive Data Analytics

KPI Visualization

Always stay on top of your portfolio performances and the predicted industry trend via our accurate and insightful data dashboard.

Performance Improvements

It’s always about growth and efficiency. With our rigorous data analytics, we provide you with actionable insights to improve the Acceptance Rate, E-Sign Rate, Conversion Rate, FPD, Collection Rate with the lowest possible costs.

Underwriting Strategy Optimizations

Our data analysts with extensive industry knowledge and experience optimize the underwriting steps and rules that fit your business the best.

Risk Mitigation Products

Decision Flow with Dracarys

Security & Compliance

We take data security seriously and employ strong data security and confidentiality standards. We make sure all services and operations are comliant with laws and regulations.

Our Partners

Our Awards & Recognition

CB Insights Global Fintech 250 for 2 consecutive years

KPMG 50 Leading Fintech Companies for 4 consecutive years

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3

2018 Davos AI 50

ISO9001 (Quality Control Management)

ISO27001 (Information Security Management)

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